Friday, December 18, 2015

The "Trimet management cult"

The people that are in "leadership" positions operate in an atmosphere of complete autonomy and zero accountability.The various state and federal agencies that do business with Trimet cover for any of the "bad publicity" that may befall the "leadership". The "Trimet Board" is nothing but a group of sock puppets set up to make sure that Mcfarlane has the necessary cover to impose his agenda.

Neil Mcfarlane is the leader of the Trimet management cult. He has hired the various henchmen to take all the measures available to achieve his goals. It was Mr Mcfarlane who declared war on his union employees by publicly proclaiming that they had "the richest benefits in the country" which was a total and complete lie. This turned the public against the front line workers and this continues to this very day.  Yes the union employees had some of the best health care but they also  had lower wages than their west coast counterparts. Furthermore Trimet union retirees have much lower cash payments than other Oregon public employees covered by PERS. All these things were conveniently ignored by the mainstream media as Mcfarlane made war on his employees.  McFarlane also stole  $1 million in raises for himself and his henchmen while cutting union workers benefits, cutting direct services, and raising fares all the while pleading that Trimet was in dire financial straights. (that $1 million compounds each and every year so basically he stole much more than $1 million) The Oregon Secretary of State covered for his illegal behavior with a phony 'audit'. The phony sock puppets called the "Trimet board of directors" participated in  deceiving the public and the employees in his theft. Mcfarlane also ignored court orders to return illegally withheld funds from employee paychecks. This is just a small sampling of the deviousness of the man in charge.

When Mcfarlane realized that his reputation was going to be tarnished by his public attack on the employees he hired known "hit man" Randy Stedmen who has a long history of union busting and rolling over people.  Stedmen has been true to his character and acted like the tyrant he was billed to be. A man who's word means nothing continues running interference so that Mcfarlane can jet around the country and play his phony role as "transit leader"
Shelly Lomax, an uneducated and frumpy woman probably never dreamed that she would move up so far in her career . She might be uneducated but she has a superior IQ and she is instrumental along with Stedmen in terrorizing employees that she doesn't like or that don't fit into her idea  of what a Trimet employee should be. She is  a selfish careerist who hides away in her office located behind locked doors at Trimet Headquarters directing her hand picked "station managers" in methods to harass the employees.
There are numerous other employees involved with the Trimet management cult but these are the three main characters that terrorize and conspire against Trimet's unionized workforce

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Best of Trimet dispatch

All the crazy insane things that happen on Portland's transit system called the Trimet. (also called the Trimess). Its amazing how crazy it is out there! After listening to this material who would ever want to ride mass transit again?