Saturday, August 17, 2013


I have been informed that the union representative that worked with me for years fighting Trimet tyranny has resigned his position due to a dispute with other union leaders. This is a huge disappointment to me personally and once again makes me question the leadership of our union. One of the best spokesmen for the union is forced to resign due to the union. It needs to be pointed out here that our union has failed us miserably. All though ATU has won various court rulings none of those victories have culminated in anything for its members except for the COLA ruling. Granted that TRIMET has no problem using tax payer funds to continually appeal every single ruling and is obstructionist as well as  devious in its methods, the employees and retirees are paying more for less and it appears there is nothing the union can do about any of it. TRIMET holds all the cards true, but there has to be some way to get to them to be more reasonable with this contract negotiation. Sometimes I wonder if the union leaders have the same mindset as the Trimet executives; I HAVE MINE YOU GET YOURS. Nevertheless the loss of Jeff Ackerson is a huge blow to union members and being at the hands of other union leaders it brings into question their judgement. ATU 757 is not the union leaders personal property any more than TRIMET is the personal property of the trimet execs. Both sets of leaders appear to think otherwise

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